China busts restaurants using poppy capsules for seasoning

1月 23, 2016

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- A total of 35 restaurants and snack bars nationwide were investigated for adding poppy capsules or other illegal ingredients to food, said China's top food safety regulator.
Owners of 25 restaurants have been transferred to the public security department for criminal investigation, and among them, five will be prosecuted, said the China Food and Drug Administration. The other 10 are still under investigation by the administration.

Chinese surgical ring helping to fight AIDS in Africa

1月 23, 2016

By China Features writer Liu Wei

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- It's a simple device - two concentric plastic rings - but its use could help turn the tide on Africa's AIDS epidemic.
The Shang Ring circumcision device - invented in China and lauded by Bill Gates - is being used in Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia and 10 other African countries affected by AIDS.

Asia's largest manganese ore discovered in SW China

1月 23, 2016

GUIYANG, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- A reserve of more than 192 million tonnes of manganese ore, believed to the the largest in Asia, has been discovered in southwest China's Guizhou Province, it was announced Friday.
Pujue manganese ore was discovered in mountains between Songtao Miao Autonomous County and Jiangkou County by the No. 103 Geology Group under the Guizhou Provincial Geology and Mineral Exploration Bureau, according to Songtao government.
The mine will help poverty alleviation in Guizhou, one of China's least developed provinces, local officials said.

Supply-side structural reform key to China's growth

1月 23, 2016

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Chinese tourists have grabbed global attention for their frenzied shopping overseas in recent years, bringing home goods from designer outfits to quality life necessities,
electric cookers for instance.
While domestic consumption is slack, enthusiasm for haitao (buying overseas goods online) is running high. The scenario is a perfect opportunity to explain "supply-side structural reform" in layman's term.

Innovation-driven industries in China report growing tax revenues

1月 23, 2016

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Tax revenue data offers a silver lining for the slowing Chinese economy: while traditional manufacturing reported sluggish growth, taxes collected from high-tech
and service companies are coming in strong.
In 2015, electric machinery and equipment manufacturing reported 187 billion yuan (28.51 billion U.S. dollars) in tax revenue, a yearly growth of 8.3 percent, while taxes from pharmaceutical manufacturing increased 13 percent, according to the State Administration of Taxation.

Airport, highways closed as China sees worst cold in decades

1月 23, 2016

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Highways have been closed and airport traffic was disrupted as the worst cold front in years hit several Chinese provinces.
Starting from 8 a.m. on Friday, highways in at least 12 provinces and municipalities have been closed due to blizzards and snowstorms.
A large part of Jiangxi province, in eastern China, was hit by snowstorms on Friday. The airport in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi was closed Friday morning. Several sections of the highways in the province were also closed.

China to spend big on cutting coal and steel overcapacity

1月 23, 2016

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- The central government will spend 100 billion yuan (15.25 billion U.S. dollars) every year for up to five years to address overcapacity in sectors such as steel and coal, according to a report in Economic Information Daily on Friday.
The budget will mainly be used to relocate employees, the report said, citing sources from petrochemical market information provider ICIS
and industry insiders.
The sources said there will no minimum financial allocation for the coal industry, which had been a topic of speculation previously.

China's warmest region not immune to cold snap

1月 23, 2016

HAIKOU, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Not even the southernmost tropical island of Hainan will escape the cold front sweeping across most of China,according to the local meteorological authority.
Hainan Meteorological Observatory forecast that temperatures across the the island province will drop by up to 13 degrees Celsius, and its surrounding waters will be battered by high winds on Jan. 23.
Cai Qinbo, head of the observatory, said this may be the strongest bout of cold weather in Hainan for 15 years.

China builds Mongolian language corpus

1月 23, 2016

HOHHOT, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- A Mongolian language database containing 80 million words has been launched, after ten years of collection and research, the Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences said.
The Mongolian corpus is a part of the 200-million word corpora used by ethnic minorities in northern and northeastern China including the Duar, Ewenk and Oroqen languages. The project is slated for completion in 20 years.

The two sides to China's "monkey coin"

1月 23, 2016

By Xinhua Writers Bai Xu, Qiang Lijing, Jiang Fang

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Guan Fuyuan, in his sixties, walked to his bank in the bitter Beijing wind just after breakfast to wait for three hours. Just before lunchtime, he got what he came for .
Every year since 2003 in the run up to Lunar New Year, China has issued a commemorative coin featuring the horoscope animal for the coming year. Last year, the Year of the Sheep, was the beginning of the second 12-year cycle, and the face value of the coin was raised from one yuan (15 U.S. cents) to 10 yuan.


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